; Objective System's H323 Configuration example for Asterisk
; ooh323c driver configuration
; [general] section defines global parameters
; This is followed by profiles which can be of three types - user/peer/friend
; Name of the user profile should match with the h323id of the user device.
; For peer/friend profiles, host ip address must be provided as "dynamic" is
; not supported as of now.
; Syntax for specifying a H323 device in extensions.conf is
; For Registered peers/friends profiles:
; OOH323/name where name is the name of the peer/friend profile.
; For unregistered H.323 phones:
port] OR if gk is used OOH323/alias where alias can be any H323

; alias
; For dialing into another asterisk peer at a specific exten
; OOH323/exten/peer OR OOH323/exten@ip
; Domain name resolution is not yet supported.
; When a H.323 user calls into asterisk, his H323ID is matched with the profile
; name and context is determined to route the call
; The channel driver will register all global aliases and aliases defined in
; peer profiles with the gatekeeper, if one exists. So, that when someone
; outside our pbx (non-user) calls an extension, gatekeeper will route that
; call to our asterisk box, from where it will be routed as per dial plan.

;Define the asterisk server h323 endpoint

;The port asterisk should listen for incoming H323 connections.
;Default - 1720

;The IP address, asterisk should listen on for incoming H323
Default -
tries to find out local ip address on it's own

;Alias address for for asterisk server
;Default - "Asterisk PBX"

;CallerID for the asterisk originated calls
;Default - Same as h323id

;This parameter indicates whether channel driver should register with
;gatekeeper as a gateway or an endpoint.
;Default - no

;Whether this asterisk server will use gatekeeper.
;Default - DISABLE
;gatekeeper = DISCOVER
;gatekeeper = a.b.c.d
gatekeeper = DISABLE

;Whether asterisk should use fast-start and tunneling for H323 connections.
;Default - yes

;Whether media wait for connect for fast start call
;Default - no

;Location for H323 log file
;Default - /var/log/asterisk/h323_log

;Following values apply to all users/peers/friends defined below, unless
;overridden within their client definition

;Sets default context all clients will be placed in.
;Default - default

;Sets rtptimeout for all clients, unless overridden
;Default - 60 seconds
;rtptimeout=60 ; Terminate call if 60 seconds of no RTP activity
; when we're not on hold

;Type of Service
;Default - none (lowdelay, thoughput, reliability, mincost, none)

;amaflags = default

;The account code used by default for all clients.

;The codecs to be used for all clients.Only ulaw and gsm supported as of now.
;Default - ulaw
; ONLY ulaw, gsm, g729 and g7231 supported as of now
disallow=all ;Note order of disallow/allow is important.

; dtmf mode to be used by default for all clients. Supports rfc2833, q931keypad
; h245alphanumeric, h245signal.
;Default - rfc 2833

; User/peer/friend definitions:
; User config options Peer config options
; ------------------ -------------------
; context
; disallow disallow
; allow allow
; accountcode accountcode
; amaflags amaflags
; dtmfmode dtmfmode
; rtptimeout rtptimeout
; ip
; port
; h323id
; email
; url
; e164
;Define users here
;Section header is extension

;ip=a.b.c.d ; UPDATE with appropriate ip address
;port=1720 ; UPDATE with appropriate port

;ip=a.b.c.d ; UPDATE with appropriate ip address
;port=1720 ; UPDATE with appropriate port

port=1720 ; UPDATE with appropriate port